All our sewing is done in Kaunas, Lithuania. It’s a small factory with much practise in quality sewing. Patterns are digital and the cutting is made on a huge, automated, cutting board. The rest is pretty much made by hand. Or course, the seamstresses use sewing machines but it takes a lot of individual skill to make the garments and it will show if you take a closer look.



We believe in getting what you pay for. When you buy our garments you’re paying for the workmanship and the quality material it takes to make them. Sewing is labour intensive and it takes skill. We have left out unnecessary middlemen, advertising and we don’t do sales so the price really reflects the workmanship, not unnecessary markups.



There’s much effort that goes into every detail in making the garments. We believe it’s the details that make the whole. Things like felled seams, taped seams, all natural corozo buttons and cotton threads and labels. It just makes for a great finish.



We strive to make our clothes as durable as possible. The patterns are cut with precision and the sewing is made with effort. Our goal is that the garments will last you a very long time, especially if taken care of. But when they finally do need repairing, after many days of wear and tear, we hope you’ll make the effort in doing so. Because we feel they deserve it!

Jernvirke sewingJernvirke sewing in Kaunas